So Pretty Flower Decoration (Dollar Store Kid Craft & DIY)

So if you don’t know, let me tell you I am in LOVE with the dollar store, especially when it comes to collecting craft supplies!…


So if you don’t know, let me tell you I am in LOVE with the dollar store, especially when it comes to collecting craft supplies! This week we are sharing some of the fun things a recent stroll through the dollar store inspired. 

I wasn’t sure if Ms. Tiger (age 3) was going to be able to make this flower craft because it requires a fair amount of hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. I am happy to report she did great and made me feel silly for even worrying. 

Supplies:(all purchased from the Dollar Tree)
Wooden skewers (short ones are easier to handle, but long ones could be shortened)
1 bag of flower petals (or more if you want a multi-colored flower)
Plastic can strainer (in the cooking supply area)

1. Turn your strainer over and start in the middle of the raised area. Cover a hole in the strainer with the bottom of 1-2 flower petals. (3 seemed to be too many for us). 

2. Use a skewer to poke the ends of the flower petal down in the hole. I reminded Ms. Tiger to try and go straight up and down because if you go to the side, the skewer will break. Continue poking until your flower is as full as you want. 

Ms. Tiger enjoyed making something so “be-u-tiful”

We did not fill all of the holes and we have more then half of our flower petals left after we made two flowers with two bags of petals. 

Underside of flower

Sometimes we heard a strange noise while we were poking our petals in. What happened was the skewer would break through the petal, but it didn’t pose any problem just as long as the petal stays put. Before we cleaned up, I gently pulled on the petals to make sure they were intact. A few of the petals came out so we just replaced them with new petals. 

Just to note: This project is kind of delicate because the petals are not glued in. Once the petals are in place, I suggest hanging your flower decoration up to avoid pulling any petals out. 

Thanks for crafting with us today! 
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Have a great day! 

Love, Katie & the Kiddos   


  1. This is great! I miss so much the Dollar Store I had been 3 years in Germany and I cannot wait to go back to the states, and visit all my craft store including the Dollar Store. For sure my little one will go crazy about this store with their toys.

    I found your blog through bloggy moms, and I would like to extend you an invitation to Blog of the Month Busy Mom Monologues. This is a great way to get your blog out there. Here is the link if you are interested:

    1. Hi Remy, thank you so much for stopping by and the invitation. I am going right now to check out Busy Mom Monologues. 🙂

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