Sensory RAINBOW TUNNEL an Easy Gross Motor Kids Activity

Use streamers to make a BRIGHT and INVITING Sensory Rainbow Tunnel for kids to crawl through during gross motor and sensory play.  Thank you for…


Use streamers to make a BRIGHT and INVITING Sensory Rainbow Tunnel for kids to crawl through during gross motor and sensory play.  

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Easily turn your pop-up tunnel into a sensory RAINBOW TUNNEL and watch the magic happen as children happily crawl and play as they go through the tunnel to reach the end of the rainbow. Following the easy directions and with a rainbow supply of colorful streamers, you can create a gross motor activity that kids of all ages will enjoy like babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and anyone who can fit in the tunnel–adults included! See all our Play Activities Here.

When children look at their Rainbow Streamers Tunnel, the colors instantly invite them to play and encourage gross motor movement as they crawl through the tunnel. Check out this post about the crawling milestone for more information about crawling activities for kids and if it’s close March, check out these St Patrick’s Day themed yoga activities to keep the kids moving!

As they go through the rainbow, the colors brush across them for a total sensory experience. Watch the video to see how many times my preschooler (Little Pup, age 3) goes through the tunnel–I can say this activity is definitely kid-approved!

Where and When Can the Rainbow Tunnel be Used?

Once created, the Rainbow Tunnel can be used indoors or outdoors. You can also add it to an obstacle course or playground. If the streamers come off you can retape them or make new ones. It can be added to St. Patrick’s Day activities, Weather Unites, or anytime you want to encourage movement and play at home or in your classroom.

Now it’s time for you to play so grab the supplies and get ready to make this fun tunnel game for your kids. You can read the directions below or watch our short tutorial video.

Always keep an eye on your kiddos when they are playing with the tunnel to keep them safe and having fun.  

Tip: If you wanted to make your rainbow tunnel permanent, you could use Ribbon and sew them onto the tunnel.

While enjoying rainbows, let your kids Grow-a-Rainbow with this easy and COOL science experiment.

Why are Gross Motor Activities Important?

Gross motor activities aren’t just fun, they help children learn valuable skills and the best part is they are playing the whole time! Gross motor activities help with:

  • Building muscles
  • Improving balance and coordination
  • Increase spatial awareness
  • Encourage cross-lateral movements (which helps connect the right and left hemispheres of the brain)


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Rainbow Streamers Tunnel

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Watch our Video Tutorial to see how to make the rainbow tunnel.

Measure the height of your tunnel’s opening.

Cut the streamers the length of your tunnel opening. 

Attach tape to one end of the streamers. 

Attach the streamers to the opening of the tunnel.

Now it’s time for the best part. Start playing with your homemade Rainbow Tunnel!

Note: Sometimes the streamers would come off, if that happens just put them back on or replace the streamer.

Extra Pinch (Try to do these in the tunnel too)

  • Crawling through the tunnel
  • Army crawling on stomach through the tunnel
  • Slither on back
Pop up tunnel with rainbow streamers for a fun kids activity

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