Letter of the Week: C is for Cat with Pete the Cat Free Printable

So we are HUGE Pete the Cat fans so when it was time for the letter C we had to include him in this weeks…


So we are HUGE Pete the Cat fans so when it was time for the letter C we had to include him in this weeks letter of the week activities (you don’t have to have the book to play along). I created a fun hands on learning activity and free printable that can be used in lots of different ways. My toddler and preschooler where both able to learn and play side by side. I just LOVE it when this happens. Also in today’s post is 19 more awesome hands on learning activities featured at this weeks Love to Learn Linky party. So let’s start learning…

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 Letter of the Week: C is for Cat with Pete the Cat Free Printable Math and Sorting activity


3 Reasons Why I Like Hands On Learning:

It sets up a “play” environment for learning

Movement and visualization improve memorization

More exciting and engaging compared to lectures and workbooks

C is for Cat with Pete the Cat

Button activities and free printable for preschool and tot school. Play along even if you don’t have the book.

Suggested Book: Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons by James Dean
Free Printable: C is for Cat Game
Suggested SongSee Pete the Cat on You Tube by HarperKids
Objectives: Exploration, fine motor skills, sorting, patterns, memory, colors, matching, introduction to math
Age Group: Preschool/Tot School
Solid colored buttons matching as many colors from the printable that you have available
  • Page 1: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Black, Brown
  • Page 2: Pink, Gray, Teal, Tan, Light Pink


Ice Cube Tray/Sorting container

Print out C is for Cat printable and cut the cat cards out. I laminated our cards to keep them nice for multiple uses.
Use as many or as little cards in each game. You may also want to remove the striped and spotted cats (kind of like the joker in a deck of cards).
With hands on activities, it is always a good idea to let children explore the supplies presented to them before giving any instruction. 
Tot School Activities:
A Button for Pete (Motor Skills):
  • Lay cat cards out on the table. Have child place a button on each cat.


Mr. Tickles really liked giving each kitty a button.
Matchy Matchy Buttons for Pete (Colors & Matching): 
  • Match the color of the buttons to the colors of the cat. I lined up the cats in our ice cube tray, then Mr. Tickles (age 1.5) would pick up a button. I would say the color and point to the cat it matched and he would place it in the tray.



How Many Buttons (Counting):

  • Give child a random number of buttons. Have them place buttons in the tray as they wish. When all the buttons are in the tray, count the buttons found in each section.
Preschool Activities:
Which Buttons will Pete Like? (Sorting)
  • Give child several buttons of each color. Line the cats up (I placed ours in the ice cube tray). Have child sort the buttons into the matching cats section.


Ms. Tiger enjoyed sorting her buttons, and repeated this activity several times.
What Color Comes Next (Patterns):
  • Lay out 2 pairs of cats in an ABAB pattern. Talk about the pattern together (Yellow-purple-yellow-purple), then place the matching buttons with the cats while saying the pattern out loud.
  • Lay out 3 cats in an ABA pattern, Talk about the pattern together, then figure out what cat comes next and place it on the board. You could add matching buttons too if you would like.
Beginning activity to learning about patterns.


Find Pete’s Friend (Memory Game):
  • Select matching pairs of cats. Turn them face down on the table, then have child turn two cats over. If they make a match, remove the cats from the board. If the cats don’t match, turn them face down and return them to the board and try again. I would start out with around 5 pairs, then add more when child is ready.
Hello & Goodbye Pete (Addition & Subtraction):
  • Select a few cats (color doesn’t matter), line them up, then count them. Take away one cat or add one cat and count again to see how the number of cats changed. Talk about the change (We had 5 cats, we added one, and now we have 6. That means 5 + 1 is 6). I didn’t expect her to be able to tell me that 5+1=6, I just wanted to introduce her to math terminology.
I just LOVE watching my kiddos learn together!


Follow A Little Pinch of Perfect’s board Learn With Kids Activities on Pinterest.And that is the end of our C is for Cat activities for today. Let’s keep the learning going with more amazing hands on learning activities. Now Presenting:
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Love to Learn Linky Featured
Love to Learn Linky Featured

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Love to Learn Linky Featured
Love to Learn Linky Featured


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  2. Just discovered Pete recently and ALL age kids love him! Thanks for the fun ideas – found on GTTuesday!

    1. Hi Abi, it's sooo true. He is great for all ages including adults like me! 🙂 hehe

    1. Hi Selena, thanks for visiting! I would love it if you played along too 🙂

  3. We have not read Pete The Cat!! Look like a lovely book to read! Thank you for sharing it with us! #pintorials

  4. We love Pete The Cat – such an awesome selection of activities. I especially like the patterning.

    Thanks so much for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  5. I love the Pete ideas! Can't wait to print and use! I stopped by to see Pete, and linked up too! Thank you for hosting! Pinning too!

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