Hibernating Bear Paper Plate Craft and Free Template

The kids and I made a sleeping bear in its winter den as part of our hibernation activities using paper plates and nature treasures we…


The kids and I made a sleeping bear in its winter den as part of our hibernation activities using paper plates and nature treasures we gathered from outside. Our little bear looks so cute nestled in for some winter rest! Make your own sleeping bear using our free printable template while having fun learning about hibernation.

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Books About Hibernation for Kids

Here are 3 books we recommend that go perfectly with this hibernation craft. I love reading books before crafting because it always seems to spark kid’s imaginations.  

Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson

Another Bear book with his cute little friends, this time Bear is super sleepy! Grab some Bear Snores On sequencing cards to add to this activity and make learning time perfect!

Time to Sleep by Michelle Meadows

Bear and his friends can tell it’s time to hibernate… see who will be sleeping this winter with this cute book.

Hibernation Station by Michelle Meadows

Winter is coming, find out who is ready to go to sleep at the Hibernation Station.

Paper Plate Bear in Cave Craft 

Bear template (available to download for free at the end of this post)
Paper plate
Craft paint (black, gray)
Nature treasures (leaves, sticks, bark…)
Cotton balls

1.  Cut paper plate in half and cut out the middle section to make a “C” shape for the front of the cave.

2.  Paint the “C” shape gray and the other half of the paper plate black for the inside of the cave and set aside to dry.

3.   Cut out a bear and draw a sleeping face on it. Little Tiger liked making sleepy eyes instead of the regular round awake eyes.

4.  Glue the bear to the black part of the cave and decorate the cave with cotton balls and nature treasures. Little Tiger wanted to make sure her bears were extra comfortable because they were going to be sleeping a long time.

5.  Glue the “C” shape on top of the black part and the craft is complete! Shhh… don’t wake the sleeping bear :).

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Get the Template Here:

Don’t see the box? CLICK HERE to be directed to the download.


  1. These are adorable! Such a cute craft to go with kids learning about hibernation.

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