Letter of the Week A-Z Series: K is for Kite

It’s finally time for the letter K, one of my favorite letters! We have a letter K site words printable, letter K kite craft and…


It’s finally time for the letter K, one of my favorite letters! We have a letter K site words printable, letter K kite craft and printable, and a fun kite flying activity that you can do indoors to share with you. My kids loved playing with our kites and exploring the power of wind. They giggled so hard it was fun to watch them play and learn together. So let’s get started 🙂

Letter K Sight Words

Free Printable: Letter K Sight Words 

Ideas for printable:

  • Place word and matching picture out when doing an activity that matches the word
  • Color the cards
  • Read the word together and match the word with the picture
  • Point and name the letters on the card
  • Write the letter of the week on each card
  • Write the word on each card

K is for Kite

Suggested Books Kite Flying (Affiliate link) by Grace Lin

Suggested Song: Let’s Go Fly a Kite (Youtube video by musicfactorymusic)

K is for Kite Craft

Make a cute and simple letter K kite craft with our free printable. 
Free Printable: K is for Kite Craft

Objectives: Letter recognition, creativity, fine motor skills

Age Group: Preschool/Tot School

Clear contact paper
Craft paper
Foam craft sticks
Small pieces of tissue paper

1.  Trace the kite shape on a piece of contact paper and cut it out.

2.  Have the child cut out rectangles, color the pieces, and glue them together to form the letter K.

3.  Place the colored side down on the sticky part of the contact paper. Then have child stick tissue paper onto the contact paper.

4.  Glue the tissue paper side of the kite to a piece of craft paper.

5.  Glue 4 foam craft sticks around the contact paper to frame the kite.  I meant for us to add some ribbon in a bow at the bottom of the kite, but I forgot until now…oh dear… 🙂

Exploring Wind with Mini Kites

Stay inside and examine the power of wind while playing with mini kites.

Objectives: Learn through play, Explore wind and movement
Small fan with covering that doesn’t allow little fingers to touch the spinning blades
Craft foam sheets
Make sure kids know never to put their fingers inside the fan. As with any activity, please remember to supervise closely.  
1.  Cut the craft foam into different shapes to make mini kites, and tape a piece of string to each one. I used duct tape to make sure the tape would stick well.
2.  Tape the end of the string to the fan and turn it on. Observe which kites fly the best. Observe what happens when the fan speed is changed from low to high. Let kiddos explore and play.

Both my kiddos LOVED this activity and where fascinated by our mini kites dancing in the wind. I hope your kids enjoy today’s activities as much as mine did. 

More Kite Ideas:

What Makes the Wind Blow? by Left Brain Craft Brain
Pasta Noodle Kite Craft by Crafty Morning
DIY Simple Paper Kite by Pink Stripey Socks

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