I Love You Book, a Great Homemade Father’s Day Gift!

Happy Wednesday, 4 more days until Father’s Day. Do you have a dad that is hard to shop for? Then we have a present that…


Happy Wednesday, 4 more days until Father’s Day.

Do you have a dad that is hard to shop for? Then we have a present that you can make at home, no shopping required and he will love it!!!

Starting when Ms. Tiger was a toddler, we have made it a tradition to do family story time. I insisted that Dad read the bedtime story because I think it’s a great time for him and the kids to catch up on snuggle time since he is gone all day. My dad did the same for me and I can still remember looking forward to our story time together. However you do story time in your house, a new book made specially for dad for Father’s Day will make him smile!

Ms. Tiger “hurprised” daddy with his book when he got home yesterday (she was too excited to wait). So we can guarantee it’s Daddy Approved!

Ms. Tiger drew the pictures and narrated the story. At the end of the book she narrated an I Love You message to daddy and it went like this:

“I Love You! Thank you for getting the swing and the shoes for me and the diapers for Mr. Tickles and I Love You! Kisses-Bye bye.”

So let’s make:
Writing a story is great for all ages anytime and can be treasured over and over again for years to come! Don’t forget to date and sign your book :). 

Colored paper
White paper
Colors (Pens, markers…)
Washi Tape (optional)

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1.  Fold paper in half, put the colored paper on the outside, and staple the fold to bind. I used our washi tape to cover the staples and make the book look cute. We only used 3 pages inside the book which made a 6 page book. For her that was plenty.

2.  Let kiddo color each page. Since this was our first book, the only instructions I gave Ms. Tiger was to draw pictures. I didn’t want to influence her drawings or give her lots of instructions that might have frustrated her from writing. You may try and guide your kiddo to a Dad related story, but remember to allow creative freedom.

3.  Go through page by page and have the kiddo narrate what is going on in each picture and write their story down. I had her point out things in her pictures and labeled them so we can remember what they are years from now and so dad can be impressed with the egg, monster, ant, caterpillar… and that’s it! 

Ms. Tiger wrote her first letter (“H”) without any prompting or guidance (Awesome!) Then she kept writing it over and over again 🙂 Our activities must be working!

Reading her book with daddy for the first time laughing at the funny part she added to her story…what a little comedian who loves her daddy! 🙂 She is soooo proud of her book and daddy is too!

She just turned 3.5 and this is the first book she has illustrated and narrated. I have to say this is one of the best activities we have done! My mom (an amazing kindergarten teacher, now retired) still has the books I wrote with her when I was Ms. Tiger’s age. We both agree that this activity will help Ms. Tiger be a better writer when she enters school. My mom stressed the importance of developing writing confidence in young children. So let’s make a book together! You will seriously be impressed with what your kiddo comes up with.

We hope you have a Happy Father’s Day! 
Thanks for visiting, Love-Katie & the Kiddos 


  1. I just love this idea. I make doodle books my son the same way as well. But never thought of turning it into a book. Will definitely do this with him. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Thanks for visiting and the comment. I am sure you will be just as amazed as I was with what your kiddo can come up with. 🙂 Have fun!

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