Learn the Easy Way to Find Disney Books the Kids will Love (Disney Story Central)

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My kids are HUGE FANS of all things Disney (like all kids I know :), including our latest discovery of Disney Story Central. Now we have a huge variety of Disney books to read anytime, anywhere without having to lug around a bag full of books–Perfect for summer reading!!! 

Reading at home is a major key to a child’s success in school. Having ample amount of books to read keeps children interested and engaged and adding in Disney characters that children already love is the perfect combination to get kids excited about reading!

Disney Story Central

If you haven’t heard about Disney Story Central let me tell you a bit about it. By creating an account, your child can use coins to select books about their favorite Disney characters. My kid’s were thrilled to find Frozen, Big Hero 6, Winnie the Pooh, Sofia the First, Planes, and Nemo. They also have a whole list of books they want to read next. (At the moment you can get 4 credits worth 4 books just for creating an account-Yay free books! 🙂 Disney Story Central Website Disney Story Central App

They can use it as an app or a website that allows you to take books wherever you have your phone, ipad, or laptop…(great for vacation and outings like doctor’s appointment). Another great thing about the books being virtual is the kid’s can “read” books by themselves even though they are still learning to read because there are options to have the book read aloud, or to read alone.

 The Read to Me Option is perfect for my kids because it highlights the words in red as they are spoken. What a fun way for them to learn! My daughter asks to use her ipad to “read a book” every day since we signed up. She loves being able to independently read, and I LOVE how she is developing a love for reading! She even calls to her brother so she can “read him a story”… as a mom, nothing melts my heart more than watching my kids cuddle next to each other while enjoying each other’s company. My husband and I like to get in on the cuddle session to make reading a fun family activity!

When the kids finish a book they earn medals. My kids are always thrilled when they flash across the screen…talk about a great way to motivate kids to read!

Signing up for Disney Story Central is easy and no credit card required to create an account! They have a monthly subscription plan that lets your kids read any book in their huge list of stories, or you can choose to select and purchase books one at a time.

Here is some information straight from Disney Story Central:

  • Disney Story Central is the largest collection of Disney digital stories, featuring a wide array of Disney stories and characters that kids and families know and love. The cross-platform experience is available via iPhone and iPad app, tablet-optimized website and Video on Demand (AT&T U-Verse).
  • Disney Story Central is designed to encourage kids to develop a lifetime love of reading.
  • Disney Story Central gives families the freedom to choose the reading experience that suits them best, whether through an annual subscription service or a-la-carte options, using Disney Book Tokens.

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Happy Reading! 
Love, Katie & the Kiddos

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