Learning About Bees Activities and Free Printable

We are ready to learn about bees with our Bee Activities and Printables as part of this week’s Creative Preschool theme; Insects. The printables include…

We are ready to learn about bees with our Bee Activities and Printables as part of this week’s Creative Preschool theme; Insects. The printables include a fun labeling activity that comes in two levels (reading or color matching), a bee coloring page, description of bee body parts (head, thorax, abdomen…), and a writing activity page.


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Unfortunately my kid’s are sick (which makes we want to cry watching them feel so bad), so we haven’t had a chance to do these yet (but we have watched lots of movies and sipped lots of hot chocolate). Once my kiddos are feeling better I also have a bee themed craft and play dough activity planned for them, perfect for my little preschooler and toddler to enjoy together.

In preparation of this activity we read The Happy Bee by Ian Beck’s and watched Honey Bees Life Cycle (YouTube video by ScienceOnline). Also, here are some Fun Bee Facts (by Utah County Beekeepers Association).

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Learning About Bees

Markers/Crayons/Colored Pencils
Learning About Bee printables that is available to download for free at the end of this post.


Learning About Bees: Label & Color Activity

Have child cut across the dashed line at the bottom of the page, then cut out body part labels. Identify each part of the bee by matching the color (level 1) or reading the name (level 2) and glue the label on the line and color the page.

Learning About Bees: Writing Activity

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Adults can help with the writing for this activity as much as needed, or use a yellow marker to make it a pre-writing activity and have child trace over the marker.

Have child cut along the black dotted lines on page 2 and 4 (not the gray lines), and then write one label on each line (eyes, antennae, wings, legs and head, abdomen, thorax, stinger).

Tape each label to the correct row on page 1 and 3 (making a flap that covers the observation section). The gray area is for the tape.

Talk about what each part of the bees body, and write down key points in the About Part area on page 1 and 3.

This printable is similar to our Learning About Plants printable because my daughter loved making the little flaps so much she wanted to do it again.   

Description of Bee Body Parts 

(Included in the Label and Color activity pack)

Head: Contains the bees brain and sensory organs 
Eyes: Bees have 2 large compound eyes made of lots of different parts that transmit visual information to the brain. They also have 3 simple eyes called Ocelli on the top of their head in the shape of a triangle.
Antennae: (Antenna-singular) Sensory organs that help bees smell
Proboscis: A long tongue that unrolls and allows bees to drink nectar like a straw
Mandible: Used to collect pollen, feed larvae, manipulate wax, and carry things 
Thorax: The middle part of the bee 
Wings: They have two sets of wings (4 total), a Forewing (large) and a Hindwing (small)
Legs: Bees have 3 sets of legs (6 total) and are used to move and carry pollen
Abdomen: Contains the digestive and reproductive organs
Stinger: A hard plated part of the bee containing a poison sac. Not all bees have stingers. 
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