52 Week Plan to Plump Your Piggy Bank For The 65 Year Old You

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We have to plan for our future self because we have reached adulthood.  Isn’t it Fun!

Right out of college I worked for a CPA and had my eyes opened to the realities of retirement savings and how important it is.  My goal was to have a retirement plan in place by the time I turned 30 (I promise this is not an investment sales pitch so please keep reading!).  Last year I turned the dirty 30, and was so disappointed because I couldn’t start a retirement fund because we had no money to fund one.  Apparently just dreaming about a retirement plan wasn’t enough to make it happen.

How We Are Going To Do It?

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I just visited my friend who is an amazing saver.  Her and her family are each putting money away each week starting with $52.00, and decreasing the dollar amount by one dollar each week so the last week of the year they will put $1.00 in their piggy bank.  The total at the end of the year will be $1,378.  Which I know may not sound like a lot to some people, however, if I continue to do this for the next 30 years I will have $41,340.  Isn’t that a fun number!  Hopefully with some educated help with my previous employer, the CPA, the amount available should be even more!

The Ugly Truth

Many jobs today don’t offer 401K or retirement plans like they did back in the day (my husband’s job included).  That means it’s up to us to save for retirement, unless you are planning on depending on Social Security (NOT a wise idea!).  Here is what our government says:  Read More From The Experts Here  

“Experts estimate that you will need at least 70 percent of your preretirement income – lower earners, 90 percent or more – to maintain your standard of living when you stop working”

That’s a lot of money needed without a regular paycheck!

This 30 year old lady strongly begs you to start a Retirement Savings (money you don’t touch) on top of your Rainy Day Savings (revolving money in savings account). 

Why Start Right Now

Check this graph out to see what time can do with $1,200 a year (that’s less money put away than the 52 Week Plan).  See What Time Can Do To Money  The earlier you start to save, the longer your money has time to earn you more money.  SO START NOW! 

My Secret, Shhhh…

My husband is in charge of our finances and he is great at paying the bills and horrible at saving.  I have decided to take things into my own hands and do this secretly for the both of us (His 65 year old self will thank me!). 

Please join me this year in taking a step closer to saving for our future.  At the most, it’s only $52.00 that you have to postpone spending.  It’s going to be seriously worth it!
If you are late in starting this calendar year it’s okay, just start!
Do you have any tips and tricks that help you save money?  Leave a comment and share your knowledge with the rest of us 🙂  Thanks for visiting!-Katie

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