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Kiss Me Under My Mistletoe Footprint Craft

We took the traditional Christmas saying, "Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe," and changed it to, "Kiss Me Under My Mistletoes," because little feet are so cute. I'm sure you will love this keepsake holiday footprint craft. 
Total Time15 mins
Keyword: Christmas, Craft


  • Mistletoe template
  • Green craft paint (When making footprint crafts we prefer to use Acrylic Paint because the print shows up better)
  • White paper (We find that using Cardstock Paper makes our footprints better for crafting with because the paper is thicker than printer paper)
  • Red Ribbon
  • Glue Dots or glue (My kids used glue dots to make it easier to attach the bow and no drying time needed)
  • Paint brush
  • Paper towels or baby wipes (optional for clean up)


  • Make one footprint per foot on white paper and let them dry. For Babys foot, we actually made a whole page of footprints and then picked out our favorite ones to craft with.
  • "Bubble Cut" out the footprints. We like to leave a small white edge around them.
  • Glue footprints to the craft template with the heels at the top and toes pointed down towards the bottom of the page. We used glue dots to make it quick, easy, and neat (no glue puddles) since we were planning on framing our craft.
    Template is available here: https://alittlepinchofperfect.com/kiss-me-under-my-mistletoe-footprint-craft-and-free-template/
  • Glue bows on. Again, we used glue dots but glue would work too.
  • Your craft is done. You can choose to put them in a frame or turn them into a card by attaching a piece of paper to the back.