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Learning about the Mayflower Paper Plate Craft

Explore the Mayflower with kids this Thanksgiving while they make an easy craft and learn American history. The free template comes with a cut and fold diagram of the inside of the Mayflower that kids can open and close.
Total Time35 minutes
Keyword: Craft, History, Thanksgiving



  • Cut paper plate in half, have your child paint the top brown, and set it aside to dry.
  • Have your child cut out the craft template making sure not to cut on the dotted line of the boat template.
  • Have child fold the boat template on the dotted line and paint the outside brown (on the reverse side of the boat measurements) so when the template is on the boat it will be brown like the boat.
  • Have child glue the two tall popscile sticks towards the middle of the boat and the two smaller popscile sticks towards the front and back of the boat.
  • Have child glue the sails on.
  • Have child glue the boat template on making sure to only put glue on the reverse side of the boat deck layers.