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Glow in the Dark Puffy Paint Ghost Craft

Kids can make cute little ghosts using our latest craft template and homemade Glow in the Dark Puffy Paint Recipe. 
Total Time20 mins
Keyword: Craft, Halloween, Kids Activity



  • Print the ghost template out on white paper. Have your kiddo cut it out and use it to trace the outline on black paper using chalk. The template is available at https://alittlepinchofperfect.com/glow-in-the-dark-puffy-paint-ghost-craft-and-template/
  • When you get ready to paint, mix 1/4  cup shaving cream and 1/4 cup glow in the dark puffy paint together. To check and make sure you got the right amount of glow in the dark paint hold it up to the light to charge the paint and then turn off the lights. If you can see it glowing then you are good to start painting, if not, go ahead and add some more puffy paint until the paint glows in the dark after being activated by light. I would like to think the 1:1 ratio would work for everyone but since not every glow in the dark paint is made the same you may need to adjust the ingredients a bit.
  • Once the paint is mixed use it right away before it looses its puffiness. Children will need to glob it on (yup, glob is a technical painting term, lol) and then spread it around with their paintbrush. Unlike some painting projects, the more paint they use the better! 
  • Before the paint dries, have kids place googly eyes on their ghosts and use a q-tip to wipe away the paint to make a mouth.
  • When they are dry use a flashlight or hold the ghosts close to a light to activate the paint for a minute. Turn off the lights and watch them glow! If you have a black light you can turn it on to make the ghosts glow even brighter.