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How to Make an Easter Egg Sensory Bag

Learn how to make an Easter Egg Sensory Bag for kids to squish and play with.
Total Time5 mins
Keyword: Easter, Play


  • Little Easter Eggs
  • Leak-Proof Bag (I like to use Reusable Food Bags to save money and they seal really well. You can also use Ziploc Freezer bags ).
  • Water



  • Open the bag and put the little Easter eggs inside. 
    Now add any optional supplies like styrofoam balls, water beads, food coloring, or glitter. 
    Carefully pour in water. You can decide how much water you want to use. The more water, the more pillow-shaped your bag will become. 
    Tip: If you want the items in your sensory bag to move slower add some clear hair gel to the water to create resistance. 
    Seal the bag closed.
    Tip: If you are worried about your kiddos opening the bag, use tape across the opening to keep it closed. The resealable bags I use close really well and are hard to open, however you never know what curious hands might try so a little bit of tape is never a bag idea. 
    Now the Easter Egg Sensory Bag is ready to play with!