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Fall Tree and Painted Leaves Kids Craft and Free Template

Children can make colorful autumn trees using our free template.
Total Time20 minutes
Keyword: Craft, Fall


  • Blue paper for the background
  • Brown paper for the tree trunks
  • Light brown paper for the ground
  • White paper for the clouds
  • Paper for the leaves (We used orange, green, and yellow cardstock but any light color would work)
  • Paint that is fall leaf colored (We used brown, green, yellow, and red Tempera Paint)
  • Q-Tips Cotton Swabs


  • Print the tree trunk template on brown paper.
    Print the treetops template out on colored paper. We used orange, green, and yellow paper but you could use any light color since the kids will be painting this template.
    Have children dip the q-tips into paint and dot the tops of their trees to make the leaves. This is my kids favorite part when their treetops start filling up with pretty leaves. Once children are done adding leaves to their trees and the paint has dried continue to the next step.
    Cut out the trunk and treetop template out and set the pieces to the side.
    To make the ground, rip up light brown pieces of paper and glue them to the bottom of the blue paper.
    To make the clouds, rip up white paper and glue the pieces to the top of the blue paper.
    Now it's time to glue the tree trunks on.
    Finally, it's time to glue the tree trunks on the tops of the tree trunks.


TIP: We used q-tips to make our dots. They turned out pretty large. For a smaller dot you could use the eraser on a pencil or the tip of a paintbrush (opposite side of the brush). Remember, the smaller the dot, the more dots (and more time) you need to cover the tree tops.
TIP: When we paint and glue I like to use Cardstock Paper because it's thicker and holds up better and as an added bonus the colors are usually brighter and prettier.