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Fourth of July Pinwheel Kids Craft and Free Template

Download and print our free Fourth of July Pinwheel craft for your kids to color, decorate, and put together. The download includes 3 templates including stars, stripes, and the phrase, "Happy Fourth of July."
Total Time30 mins
Keyword: Craft, Fourth of July


  • Print out the template on white paper. We used regular printer paper.
    Let children color and decorate their pinwheel. This is where they get to have fun making it their kind of "perfect!"
    When they are done have them cut out their pinwheel. They should follow along the outside of the square, and then cut on the four diagonal lines. Make sure they don't cut all the way to the middle. If they accidently cut too far, use some clear tape to fix it. (No need to worry).
    Use the hole punch to punch one hole in each of the circles.
    Optional: Turn the pinwheel over to the backside. Decorate the pinwheel near each hole. Once assembled, this part will be the center of the pinwheel. Turn the pinwheel over to the frontside again and continue to the next step.
    To assemble the pinwheel start with one corner, bend it towards the center making sure NOT to fold or crease it. Hold the metal brad above the center of the pinwheel with the flat part at the top and the metal tabs facing down (like a mushroom). Put the brad through the hole and continue to the next corner until all four corners are secured.
    Bend the ends of the brad to keep the pinwheel in place.
    Optional: Glue a small button to the back of the brad. This allows more room for the pinwheel to spin.
    Glue the back of the brad or button to the top of the straw.
    Now the pinwheel is ready to spin for the Fourth of July!