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How to Dye Pasta for Kids Activity or Craft

Follow our directions to make colorful dyed pasta that's perfect for your kids to play with in sensory bins or to use for crafts and other kid activities.
Total Time5 mins



  • Pour the rubbing alcohol or vinegar into a gallon-sized zip top freezer bag.
    Add the food coloring (10 or more drops) and swirl the bag gently to mix the food coloring with the alcohol.
    Place the pasta into the bag and seal the bag closed.
    Toss and shake the bag until the pasta is evenly coated in color. If additional food coloring is needed, add it and continue shaking the bag to coat the pasta completely.
    When the pasta has reached the desired color, transfer the pasta to a rimmed baking sheet covered with aluminum foil or parchment paper. Spread the pasta into an even layer and allow to dry for several hours, stirring once.
    Once it is dry the pasta is ready to be used for fun activities.


  • I like to have dyed pasta on hand for easy sensory bins. Once you have your dyed pasta prepared, all you have to do is add small toys, bowls, cups, and scoops, to your bin of pasta and your kids can spend hours playing.
  • I also like to have dyed pasta around for crafts. You can give your kids a piece of paper, glue bottle, and a pile of dyed pasta and they can design fabulous works of art!
  • Once made, your dyed pasta can be stored in an airtight container for months.
  • If your pasta smells, let it sit with the bag open, until the smell evaporates.
  • Once you are done using it for sensory bins or crafts you should throw it away to make sure you don't accidently ingest glue, glitter, or other items that may have gotten mixed in the with pasta.