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Papa Bear Handprint Father's Day Free Craft Template

Children can make a cute Papa Bear handprint card with our free craft template and step-by-step directions for Father's Day.
Keyword: Craft, Father's Day



  • Print the card template out on blue paper. Fold the paper on the line to make a card.
    Print the grass on green paper, cut it out, and blue it to the bottom of the card.
    On a separate piece of paper make a brown handprint by covering your child's hand with brown paint and gently pressing it onto the paper. I like to make several prints, choose the best one for the final card, and cut it out.
    Optional: Instead of making a handprint on a separate piece of paper your child can make a handprint directly onto the card. This option removes a step, and is best for older children who can control their hands and make a good handprint in one try.
    Print the bear head template out on brown paper and cut it out. Use a black marker to draw a face on the bear and glue it to the thumb on the handprint.
    Print the cloud and heart template out on white paper. Cut out the clouds and glue them to the card. Color the heart any color (we colored ours red), cut it out, and glue it to the card.
    Now the card is ready for a super sweet message or drawing inside for Dad. Now you are ready for Father's Day!


TIP: Making handprints with your kids can get a little messy. Plan on having paper towels or baby wipes on hand to control the mess. If you want to alleviate the chance for a mess you can skip the paint and trace your child's hand out on brown paper to use instead.