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Paper Accordion Christmas Tree

Kids can make a pretty folded paper Christmas Tree craft with our easy step-by-step directions and free template.
Keyword: Christmas, Craft


  • 3 pieces of Color Paper, 8.5” x 11”
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Optional: Decorations like stickers, sequins, buttons, puff balls...
  • Optional: Clothespins if you want the tree to stand up


  • rint the Christmas Tree template out. We used a different paper color for each section.
    Cut out the template and align them together with the largest piece of paper on the bottom, next the middle sized piece, and the smallest piece on top.
    Start at one of the short sides and accordion fold all three pieces of paper until you reach the end. Be careful to make sure the three pieces of paper stay aligned.
    Staple the top of the tree together. We used one staple on each side since the paper is pretty thick. If your stapler won't make it through all the layers you can use a rubber band to secure the top.
    Open the bottom of the Christmas tree up and decorate the tree with craft supplies.
    To make the tree stand up, clip one or two clothespins to the back to make a stand like a picture frame.