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How to Make a Handprint Tree Christmas Ornament

Make an adorable handprint Christmas tree ornament with our easy step by step directions.
Total Time1 hr
Keyword: Christmas, Craft



  • Paint your child's hand with Green Acrylic paint. I like to use acrylic paint because it is usually thicker and covers better. Gently press your child's hand onto the ornament with the palm at the top of the ornament and the fingers pointing down toward the bottom.
    If the handprint doesn't look how you would like it wipe the paint off and try again or gently remove little spots of extra paint.
    Let the paint dry. I set my ornament on top of a cup so it didn't roll off the table while it was drying.
    Use a q-tip or paintbrush to paint the ornaments on the tree and let them dry.
    Fill the ornament with snow and replace the top of the ornament.
    Cover the Christmas tree with mod podge or another sealant to protect the painted handprint.
    Optional: Tie a ribbon bow at the top.