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Cornucopia Thanksgiving Kids Craft and Free Template

Kids can decorate their own cornucopia this Thanksgiving with our free craft template that comes in a craft style, writing activity, or coloring page version.


  • To make the coloring page version print the template on white paper and let your child decorate it.
    To make the craft or writing version print the cornucopia template out on brown paper. Print the fruit and vegetable template out on white paper.
    Have your child decorate the fruits and vegetables with art supplies that you have. We used markers.
    Have your child cut out the fruits and vegetables.
    Optional: If you are using a piece of paper for the background have your child cut out their cornucopia and glue it to another piece of paper.
    Have your child glue the fruits and vegetables on. They may want to arrange them first, and then glue them once they have figure out how to best fill their cornucopia.