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Haunted House Halloween Kids Craft and Free Template

Make a spooky Haunted House craft with windows and doors that open and shut for Halloween friends to peek out of with our free craft template for kids.
Total Time20 mins



  • Print the template out on black paper and cut out the house. It may be a bit hard to see the lines so you can trace around them with white chalk or white crayon to make it easier to cut out.
    Children can cut out their house but adults may need to help them cut out the windows. I used an exacto knife (NOT for KIDS to use).
    TIP: If you want your children to help cut out the windows you can make it easier for them by cutting a hole on the line so they can fit their scissors into the hole and continue cutting.
    When cutting out the door and windows only cut around 3 sides. The fourth side will be folded so it can open and close.
    Glue the house to a piece of paper. Make sure not to glue the doors and windows shut.
    Decorate the house with white chalk or white crayon.
    Decorate the house with Halloween Stickers-affiliate link or add drawings of Halloween friends that can be found inside the house when the windows are opened.