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Apple Pie Paper Plate Kids Craft

Kids will have fun making a paper plate apple pie craft with these easy directions.
Total Time15 mins
Keyword: Craft, Fall


  • White Paper Plates
  • Red or Green paint
  • Brown paint (if you don't have brown paint you can mix red and green to make brown)
  • Paint brush
  • Paint trays (I like to use large recycled lids. My favorite are peanut butter jar lids. If you don't have those you can also use a paper plate)
  • Brown Craft Paper cut into strips (at least 4 strips per pie)
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  • Cut apples in half and let children dip them in the paint and stamp them in the center of their paper plate.
  • Paint the edges of the paper plate brown to make the crust.
  • Cut out strips of brown paper. You will need at least 4 per pie.
  • Have children glue the brown strips of paper onto their pie to make a lattice crust.


If you don't have apples on hand, children can use a paintbrush instead to paint the inside of their paper plate.
Depending on how much time you have you can let children cut out their own strips or have them pre-cut.