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Peek a Boo Easter Egg Chick Craft and Free Template

Children can make a peek a boo Easter Egg Chick craft with our free template to decorate for spring.

Total Time20 mins
Keyword: Craft, Easter



  • Print the egg template on white or colored paper depending if you want a plain white egg for decorating or a colored Easter egg. Print the chick template on yellow paper.
  • You can let kids decorate the egg template or leave it plain white. We used Washi Tape and Fast Drying Paint Sticks/Kwikstix because they dry so fast, allowing us to finish it in one sitting. You could also use makers, crayons, or paint. Once they are done decorating and everything is dry have them cut it out, including the line in the middle.
  • Let kids decorate the chick template and draw eyes or glue on goodly eyes.  Color the beak and feet orange.  Cut the chick template out, making sure to only cut the outline of the chick and not the inside of it's wings or they will fall off (which can always be fixed with a little tape).
    Line up the templates so the chick is behind the egg. I clipped each side with clothespins to hold everything in place.
  • Punch a hole towards the bottom of each egg piece and secure the chick and egg together with a brad and the chick is ready to play peek a boo this Easter!