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Adorable Mother's Day handprint craft and Free Template for children to make: You can choose a flower pot or a flower vase to put handprint flowers in that were made by Mom’s favorite kids
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Adorable Mother's Day Handprint Flower Craft

Gather the kids to make this adorable Mother's Day handprint craft that Mom is sure to keep forever. You can choose a flower pot template or a flower vase template that is free to download to give Mom on Mother's Day.
Total Time20 mins
Keyword: Craft, Mother's Day



  • Make 2 handprints and 1 footprint by covering your child's hand or foot with paint, stamping them on paper, and setting them aside to dry. A tip for getting perfect handprints is to place your hands on top of theirs to keep them from wiggling their fingers.
  • Select a flower pot or vase template, print it out, and then cut it out. Each template comes with or without writing so your child can write their own personal message or use the pre-written template.
  • Cut out the 2 handprints and 1 footprint.
  • Draw 6 leaves on the green paper and cut them out.
  • Cut out 3 yellow hearts. We used a Heart Hole Puncher but you could always draw a heart and cut it out if you don't have one available.
  • Attach the straws to each handprint and footprint using tape.
  • Attach 2 leaves to each straw using tape.
  • Glue a heart at the top of each straw to make the center of the flowers. By now they certainly look cute!
  • Bunch the straws together and tape them to your background paper. If you are using the vase, make sure the flowers are close enough together that they look like they are coming out of the top of the vase and not sticking out the side.
  • Put glue on the tape and add the vase or flower pot. Mom is going to love these flowers that she can keep forever.