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Cactus Handprint Valentines Day Craft and Free Template

Kids can make the cutest cactus Valentine's Day craft with our free craft template and their adorable little handprints! 
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Total Time10 mins
Keyword: Craft, Valentine's Day


  • Green craft paper
  • Tan/light brown craft paper
  • Craft paper any color for background
  • Black marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tissue paper
  • Cactus pot template


  • Cover child's hand with green paint and make a handprint on white paper. I like to place my hands on top of my kiddos fingers so they don't wiggle. I had the kids keep their fingers kind of close together instead of fanned out. If they want to have one cactus in their pot have them keep the thumb in too, if they want two cacti in their pot have them put their thumb out a bit to the side.
  • Print out the pot template on tan paper and cut it out.
  • Cut out the green handprint. If you want, you can use a pencil to draw around the handprint first. The shape kind of looks like a glove or mitten because each finger is not defined.
  • Glue the cactus handprint to your background paper.
  • Glue the pot template at the bottom of the cactus. It can overlap a little bit to make it look like the cactus is inside the pot.
  • Crinkle up a small piece of tissue paper and glue it to the cactus to add a flower.
  • Let kids use the black marker to draw a face and add cactus spines.
    To make it a card, staple an extra piece of paper to it.