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Santa Christmas Treat Bags: Free Printable Glove Topper

Make someone's Christmas jolly with these adorable Free Printable Santa Treat Bags. Simply print the template, fill a glove to make Santa's beard or cut out a paper beard, and assemble to make a one of a kind Santa Treat Bag! You can add a paper bag to include extra treats too.
Total Time10 mins
Keyword: Christmas, Craft



  • Select which template you want to use (Color version or Black and White version) and print the pieces out on white paper. The template is available here: https://alittlepinchofperfect.com/santa-christmas-treat-bags-free-printable-glove-topper/
  • To make Santa's beard, fill a food grade plastic glove with treats. We used mini marshmallows. Each marshmallow had to be maneuvered into the fingers. Once full, fold the top over and staple closed.
  • Cut out the Santa head template. If you aren't using a bag skip the next step.
  • If you are using a paper bag you will need to cut out the belt and glue it to your paper bag. Then trim the sides of the belt off to fit the bag. Now you can fill your bag with treats and staple the glove to the bag.
  • Glue Santa's head to the top of his beard. Viola, Christmas treats are ready to be shared!


I purchased my Hand Shaped Cellophane Bags from Michael's Craft Store after Halloween. I think they were originally sold to make Witch Hand Treats that are so popular. If you can't find Cellophane Hand Shaped Bags online at your local craft store you could also cut out a beard out of white paper and give Santa a more traditional look. Either way, all will be happy to receive it.