Rock-It Oil Review: Because Cooking with Kids is Messy ($2,000 Kitchen Upgrade Giveaway)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rock-it Oil. All opinions are 100% mine.Thank you for visiting. This post may contain…


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rock-it Oil. All opinions are 100% mine.

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So I try to get my kids in the kitchen cooking with me as often as I can. It’s a great way to teach life skills and spend quality time together. The problem is, is that cooking is messy especially with kids! No matter how careful we are something always gets spilled, sometimes by my own hand…oopsie. We aren’t always perfect around here :). It used to take me forever to clean my counters. I had a 4 step process that went like this 1-wipe the counter clean of debris 2-wipe the counter with cleaning product 3-rinse the counter with water 4-wipe the counter dry and try to remove all streaks. Who has time for that, especially with all the holiday cooking that has to be done??? 

The kiddos and I made some cookies the other day and it turned into a sensory play activity on my counter tops. When batter fell on the counter they rubbed it around in a “wax on, wax off” kind of motion. They had a ton of fun and I figured this would be the perfect time to put Rock-It Oil to the test. 

I sprayed Rock-It Oil Stone on the counter, let it sit for a bit, then wiped it off and my counters where clean. It was seriously amazing! The greasy butter and caked on flour from our cookies was gone. I keep running my hands across my counters because they are residue and streak free. Although I received this product through sponsorship, I wouldn’t be sharing it with you if I didn’t love it. I have been telling everyone around me about it. I already cleaned my mother-in-laws bathroom counters and am going to clean my moms kitchen counters next.

You can find Rock-It cleaning products at Home Depot in the cleaning section. I bought Rock-it Oil Stone which works good on all coated surfaces, and they also have cleaning products for Stainless Steel Appliances, BBQs, Cooktops, Upholstery, and more. I really want to try the stainless steel appliance one next, my fridge is constantly covered with little hand prints. You can find them on Facebook Rock-it Oil Facebook Page for more information. 

Right now until December 31st, Rock-It Oil is giving away a $2,000 prize to use toward granite countertops which is amazing. How fun would that be to have a new kitchen look? You may enter to win below. I hope you win!

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Love, Katie & the Kiddos
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